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It’s safe to say I spent my entire childhood outdoors. Whether in my mom’s garden, playing endless softball games, sailing with my dad, skiing, riding my bike, walking my dog, even helping my dad brand his cattle, nearly all my childhood memories are set outdoors. So it’s no wonder I’m not built to sit at a desk.

My love of gardening and all things green was born in the small garden I created with the help of residents of the Engage Program, a day program for mentally ill homeless men sheltering at Boston’s Pine Street Inn. In 200 square feet in the middle of an urban jungle we grew bouquets of flowers which we sold at the employee cafeteria.

Getting my hands in the dirt inspired me to return to school where over the years I have studied Horticulture and botany at UMass Amherst as well as coursework in Landscape Design at the Radcliffe College Seminars, now the Landscape Institute. But nothing can compare to the frenetic creative energy that goes into the privilege of bringing beautiful flowers to a bride’s big day. 15 years of bringing the growing world to my clients’ gardens, landscapes, interiors, and special events has established strong roots that continue to flourish.

When people ask me what I do, in the back of my mind, I think photosynthesis. If it photosynthesizes, I do it. From growing cut flowers, arranging them, managing interior plants, designing outdoor landscapes and then managing those landscapes, I feel lucky to have landed where I have with the support of my family – among the flowers!

I live in an old farmhouse in Kingston, Massachusetts with my boatbuilder husband Mark, daughter Charlie Kate, my olde English bulldog Cleveland, and 55 chickens who have taken over our barn.

About Bittersweet Gardens